De-stress and Relaxation Program


STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Don’t let Stress Wreak Havoc in Your Body and Mind

Stress related diseases and health issues are rising sharply worldwide, perhaps caused by factors ranging from highly demanding work environments and volatile relationships to declining health and lack of quality time for oneself.

Dharma’s time proven therapies use specialised massages and therapies to release the knots and spasms that have built in the muscles over time, flush out toxins that have accumulated in the system and relieve inflammations from the body. As the stresses in the muscles are released, the stresses in the mind too start to unwind. The shirodhara sessions where soothingly warmed medicinal oil is streamed onto the forehead will steadily transport you to deep levels of relaxation and peace. Our Yoga Master will guide and train you in specialized yogic routines and meditation techniques to conquer and manage stress, even when you are surrounded by chaos. So it won’t be just fond memories that you will take along when you leave the center, but ancient practises and wisdom too that will stand you in good stead when facing the challenges and burdens that may lie ahead.

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